RFID Warehouse Management System

Friday, July 5, 2019  |  9AM To 4PM


RFID Summit Manila

The 2nd RFID Summit Manila will focus on the benefits of using the RFID Technology in Warehouse Management. This aims to highlight the ease of receiving, put-away, picking, and dispatching features of WMS with the help of RFID. Maximize your forklift and forklift operators and improve efficiency of your manpower.

Whether you are in Retail Business, Wholesale, Automotive, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, Healthcare, Hotel, Banking or Education, we invite you to attend this event and be amazed of what this technology can offer.

Hosted by Golden Aurum System Solutions Inc., we are very much happy to share the knowledge and share the experience of the RFID technology to everyone.


Key Benefits of RFID in Warehouse Management:
  • Smoother running business environments—knowing precisely what and where inventory is, thus reducing out of stock items due to a more accurate real time picture of warehouse is available at facilities.
  • Reduced labour costs by reducing the workforce needed for tracking and warehouse management.
  • Reduction in order entry errors (less manual intervention) & improved employee productivity.
  • Reduces stocking inventory levels and related warehouse space requirements.
  • Provides the information required to implement first-in first out (FIFO) or last-in first out (LIFO) inventory management, which can have a significant positive impact on the company’s profitability analysis and tax liabilities.
  • Instant access to the order database provides the on-the-spot visibility needed to cross dock the incoming material for immediate shipping to fulfil customer orders
  • Access to real time information ensures that the right shipment is delivered to the right dock and loaded onto the right truck.
  • Advanced data capture capabilities, such as imaging, can provide proof of condition for returns records, eliminating potential customer disputes.
  • A quick scan of a RFID tag provides instant verification that the right item has been picked, and the item is instantly deducted from inventory.

In receiving, items, cases and/or pallets traditionally used barcodes, which workers had to scan one by one. With RFID, those items can be read all at once by a portal reader placed at the dock door as they are unloaded from the truck.

WMS Location Management

Maximize travel of your forklifts and efficiency of your forklift drivers with the help of RFID. Monitor forklift location and travel time inside and outside the warehouse.


Ensure proper items picked by the forklift and validate location if correctly placed as per recommended by the system. Minimize multiple transfers of products within the warehouse due to incorrect placements.

Learn from the experts.



Event Host

Golden Aurum System Solutions, Inc. is the Pioneer and leading RFID Solutions provider in the country. The company is the SoleStrategic Partner in the Philippines of the biggest manufacturer of RFID tags in the world.

Realizing the dynamic nature of technological advancements and customer requirements, Golden Aurum is equipped with the right tools, experties, methodologies and teaming arrangements that provide the flexibility to respond to these trends and diverse requirements. Golden Aurum System Solutions, Inc. has proven its claim as the company has provided service to the most reputable companies and clients in various markets and industries throughout the major cities in the Philippines.

Through its partnership with the top technological providers in the world, Golden Aurum offers a wide range of IT products and service solutions that is certain to provide its clients with quality outcome they deserve.

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